September 6th 2016 update!

Not too long ago I got to thinking that my site is mostly a static page. Even before I took the blog out the actual changes to the site were few and far between, I mean I posted in the blog like once a year or so. So it doesn't really need a database to pull content from nor really anything you might associate with a more dynamic website. So I ended up researching static site builders a bunch, and after a while I ended up going with Hugo. It seems pretty cool. You basically just build your templates on your system, write your content in markdown in notepad++ or whatever, and let Hugo build a static website for you. It really simplifies my setup at least. The biggest hurdle was to convert the Wordpress theme I was using into a Hugo template, and even that was pretty straightforward.

I'm still tweaking the templates a bit and removing some WP specific stuff I still have there as leftovers, but all in all it's neat. It's lean and mean. RSS feeds should be working too, just in case I actually post a new review or something, that should update.

So that's what's been happening here, what's new with you?

==Old post below.==

Hey hi.

I don't know what you are doing here, but this is the homepage of Mika Heiska. Just a dude from Finland. On the internets you might know me as Parsnip, or if you've known me for a long time, maybe you know me as Kilu. I know, it's a terrible internet handle and I terribly wish I could go back in time, find the younger me (who, in a futile attempt to pick a handle that no one else would ever have, picked that shit,) and punch him in the face. But so it is, and I'm stuck with it forever. Life is hard.

Oh, sorry about that, started rambling again there for a moment. Anyways, if that's the person you were looking for and found me, congratulations! You win at the internets.

Previously this website hosted my blog, some of my old-ass video game reviews and some of my even older-ass game music arrangements/covers/whatever. I decided to drop the blog because hell, what's the point of having one if you update it once every 2 years, and even then don't really have anything worthwhile to write. And I also decided to drop the music section just now because I don't think anyone's really looking for any of my old shit at this point. I may resurrect it again sometime in the future, maybe I'll put the songs up in soundcloud or something. Or if I happen to make something new that's worth posting, though the chances of that happening are slim at best.

So that only leaves up the reviews section, which is probably the thing I'm most likely to actually update. Sometimes it just feels like you have to write down some words to make sense of how you actually feel about a game, especially when you are very torn about it overall. Gathering your thoughts into some kind of structure gives clarity, I find. And if it just so happens that my review might help someone else come to a purchasing decision, that's fine too. But I'm obviously not a professional writer, English native nor a professional video games man, so keep that in mind.

I'll probably add some social media shit here in the frontpage soonish, like maybe image links or something. In the meantime, you can primarily find me at Steam, ResetEra, Facebook, Twitter and RPGamers Network chatroom. And I guess I also have a YouTube channel I use sometimes. I barely use Facebook or Twitter, but they are there if you are an internet person and need to get hold of me for some mysterious reason.